Egna Röster, Egna Bilder

Jan ’17__COPENHAGEN _____________________________________

From January 14th to January 28th we will present a photo exhibition with beautiful photos from the cultural project “Egna Röster, Egna Bilder” in Blågårdens Bibliotek as a prelude to “I Am Also Somalia”.
“Egna Röster, Egna Bilder” is initiated by the Malmö based Svedish Somali culture organisation Hidde Iyo Dhaqan. The exhibition has with great succes been exhibited around in Sweden and we have now brought it to Copenhagen. It is therefore with great excitement and joy that we invite you to the vernissage at Blågårdens Bibliotek Saturday 14/01 where drinks and snacks will be served.

Hidde Iyo Dhaqans vision with the “Egna Röster, Egna Bilder” project is to portray the reality of the Svedish Somalis – how it feels to come from a country whos modern history has gone up in smoke. The project consist of a thorough collection of oral and visual stories from both the young and older generations of the Somali community in Malmö and it has given the Svedish Somali diaspora a much needed voice. The project has also been made to an impressive book with the same titel.

Come and check out the exhibition!

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