Performance Lecture (Touring Version)

Company         Global Stories
Contact info

Cast                  Dr. Amrita Pande (IN, PhD sociology)

Duration           App. 70 minutes, no intermission
Language         English
Set-up time      1 day before first performance

The performance lecture plays at a theatre or in a lecture hall (stage min. 5m X 5m) with 1 video projection on a large screen that is visible from the entire room. Room capacity preferably 100-200 seats.



  • Video projector with an extended connection cable (VGA, HDMI, DVI adapted to Mac Mini Display) for video projections to be operated from a computer in the auditorium
  • Video projector must be compatible with Mac OS


  • Overall room light, which does not interfere with the video projection
  • Preferably dimmable
  • Access to light controls
  • Blackout blinds or blackout cover on all windows/openings etc.


  • PA system (L+R) with 1 AUX input and 2 line inputs
  • Extended cable for AUX input (mini-jack)
  • 1 wireless portable clip-on/pin microphone (for performer)
  • 1 wireless handheld microphone


  •   Table, app. 1×2 metres.
  •   Blackboard/ whiteboard on wheels (approx. 2m X 1m)
  •   3 white plastic chairs (see photo)
  •   4 thermos bottles
  •   Paper cups
  •   Access to a water kettle


1st performance: € 2000 excluding travels, accommodation and per diems
Following performances: € 700 excluding accommodation and per diems


You can download the technical rider here.